Here are a few "race reports" I've written over the years. It's by no means complete; sometimes I felt that the race was sufficiently interesting to document it, and sometimes not.

Here is a fairly complete list of most of my recent races that were "official" enough to have automated timing at

Here are my written race reports:

Big Kahuna Half Aqua Bike 2011

Pacific Crest Triathlon 2011 (1/2 ironman)

Metro Triathlon 2011 (olympic distance)

Burning Man Ultramarathon, 2010

Ironman Regensburg, 2010

Ironman Canada, 2009
Ironman Canada, 2011

Santa Cruz Triathlon, 2009
Santa Cruz Triathlon, 2010

Beat the Clock bicycle time trial, 2009

Vineman Full Aqua Bike, 2008
Vineman Half Aqua Bike 2011
Vineman Full Aqua Bike 2012

Wildflower Short-Course Triathlon, 2008
Wildflower Long-Course Triathlon, 2009
Wildflower Short-Course Triathlon, 2010
Wildflower Short-Course Triathlon, 2012

San Jose International Triathlon (SJIT), 2008
Silicon Valley Olympic Distance Triathlon (SVODT, formerly SJIT), 2009

Morgan Hill Sprint Triathlon @ Uvas, 2009

The Rome Marathon, 2008

Boston Marathon, 2007
Boston Marathon, 2012

Big Sur Marathon, 1997
Big Sur Marathon, 2004
Big Sur Marathon, 2005
Big Sur Marathon, 2006
Big Sur Marathon, 2011

Sweeping a 50K, 2006

11th Annual Trans-Sierra Run, 1989
12th Annual Trans-Sierra Run, 1990

Markleeville Death ride, 1987
Markleeville Death ride, 1990

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