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Complete documentation is available online, either here on the web at Geometer Documentation, or in Postscript or Acrobat format. The reference manuals are large (1.5 megabytes for the PostScript file and about 2 megabytes for the Acrobat version), so if you just want to get the flavor, take a look at the online version which is divided into dozens of smaller pages.

Executive Description

Geometer is a constraint-based drawing program for constructing and manipulating drawings in plane euclidean geometry. You can draw points, lines, circles, angles, arcs, et cetera. What is interesting is that if you've drawn two points and then the line passing through them, if you move one of the points, the line will also move in such a way that it continues to pass through the two points.

The program should be very useful for students and teachers of plane euclidean geometry. The program comes with a number of interesting examples.

Geometer runs on Windows systems (I have tested it on XP, NT, 98, and ME), Macintosh with OS X and on Linux systems.

Feature List

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