Geometer Test Release

*** Read this first! ***
Important: In the complete releases for Mac and Windows, the executable program has expired. To obtain a complete release, use the SETUP.EXE or Geometer.dmg releases, and then download either the Windows executable or the appropriate Mac executable and replace geometer.exe (Windows) or (Mac) on your computer.


Here is a fairly complete online Geometer Reference Manual if you'd like to see what Geometer can do before you download and install it.

The full releases below include the program, documentation in both HTML and PDF formats, many examples, and a book on geometry based on the Geometer program. All the files appear in the directory where Geometer is installed, usually in:

/Applications/geometer (for a Mac),

or in:

C:\Program Files\geometer (on a PC).

Important: If you have never seen or used Geometer before, as soon as you have installed it, go to this Introduction to Geometer page to get a great introductory tutorial.

Full Macintosh Release

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Complete MacOSX Geometer Release (4.9 mb):

Macintosh Executable Only

Click to obtain just the Macintosh executable for Intel Macs.

Click to obtain just the Macintosh executable for Power PC Macs.

Full Windows Release

*** Read the first paragraph on this page ***

I am a Mac/UNIX person, NOT a Windows person, so there may be minor problems with the Windows install.

Download SETUP.EXE (4.5 MB) and run it to install the program and all the documentation.

Windows Executable Only

Click here (1 MB) to download just the executable Windows file geometer.exe.

Complete Reference Manual Only

Complete Reference Manual in Adobe Acrobat format (1.0 MB): reference.pdf

Geometry Book Only

You can download a draft of my book, Geometry with Computers: Computer-Based Techniques to Learn and Teach Euclidean Geometry here (3.2 MB):

The book contains about 500 illustrations that can be viewed with the geometer program. They are all available in the complete release:

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