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I have hundreds of bird photos scattered around on my web pages. Here is an index to many of the better ones, organized by the taxanomic order and family.In almost every case, the image appears in a web page with a thumbnail that points to a larger version, but not always. In these pages, the thumbnails, if they exist, are presented and you can click on them to obtain the larger version. The genus and species name appears with the common name just below each thumbnail image.

Since my pages have been constructed over many years with many tools, there is a lot of variation in thumbnail sizes, so this collection isn't as pretty as it could be.

This top page has only one photo (a panorama made from four photos of a landing Snowy Egret (Egretta thula)), but every order that has a link points to a page of thumbnails of birds in that order.

Last modified: February 15, 2013

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Superorder Paleognathae

Order Struthioniformes Africa and Australasia; 2 species.

Order Rheiformes South America; 2 species.

Order Tinamiformes South America; 45 species.

Order Casuariiformes Australasia; 4 species.

Order Apterygiformes Australasia; 5 species.

Superorder Neognathae

Order Anseriformes Worldwide; 150 species.

Order Galliformes Worldwide; 250 species.

Order Podicipediformes Worldwide; 19 species; sometimes grouped with Phoenicopteriformes.

Order Phoenicopteriformes Worldwide; 6 species.

Order Mesitornithiformes Madagascar, Neotropics, New Caledonia; 5 species.

Order Pteroclidiformes Africa, Europe, Asia; 16 species; sometimes grouped with Columbiformes.

Order Columbiformes Worldwide; 300 species.

Order Phaethontiformes Oceanic; 3 species.

Order Caprimulgiformes Worldwide; 90 species.

Order Apodiformes Worldwide; 400 species.

Order Aegotheliformes Oceania; 10 species; sometimes grouped with Apodiformes.

Order Cuculiformes Worldwide; 126 species.

Order Opisthocomiformes South America; 1 species.

Order Musophagiformes Africa; 23 species.

Order Gruiformes Worldwide; 191 species.

Order Gaviiformes North America, Eurasia; 5 species.

Order Sphenisciformes Antarctic and southern waters; 17 species.

Order Procellariiformes Pan-oceanic; 120 species.

Order Ciconiiformes Worldwide; 19 species.

Order Pelecaniformes Worldwide; 108 species.

Order Suliformes Worldwide; 59 species.

Order Charadriiformes Worldwide; 350 species.

Order Accipitriformes Worldwide; 200 species.

Order Strigiformes Worldwide; 130 species.

Order Coliiformes Sub-Saharan Africa; 6 species.

Order Trogoniformes Sub-Saharan Africa, Americas, Asia; 35 species.

Order Coraciiformes Worldwide; 144 species.

Order Bucerotiformes Old World, New Guinea; 64 species.

Order Leptosomatiformes Madagascar; 1 species.

Order Piciformes Worldwide except Australasia; 400 species.

Order Falconiformes Worldwide; 60 species.

Order Cariamiformes South America; 2 species.

Order Psittaciformes Pan-tropical, southern temperate zones; 330 species.

Order Passeriformes Worldwide; 5000 species.