Galápagos Boobies

Last updated: June 29, 2001

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Click on any of the thumbnail images to see a larger version. There are three different kinds of boobies found in the Galaacute;pagos islands; The Blue-footed Boobie, the Red-footed Boobie, and the Nazca Boobie (which was formerly known as the Masked Boobie, but the species was recently split). They are related to the Gannets.

Blue-footed Boobies

Dancing Boobie Pointing Boobie These two photos show a male Blue-footed Boobie dancing to win a mate. The image on the right shows him "sky-pointing". One way to tell the males from the females is that the iris of the male seems to be smaller than that of the female. Compare the eyes of the mating boobies in the image below. The male is on top.

Mating Boobies

Red-footed Boobies

Red-Footed Boobie The Red-footed Boobie is pretty interesting because of the way that it perches on branches in spite of the fact that it has webbed feet.

Nazca Boobies (formerly Masked Boobies)

Nazca Boobie and eggs Nazca Boobie