Pros and Cons of a Digital SLR Purchase

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Last Modified: May 31, 2005.

Note the "Last Modified" date above. If it is old, then there is probably even less reason to purchase a film body. As of the date above, it was a sort of a toss-up.

The cost of digital SLR bodies goes down every year. Now, for less than $1000, you can get a very good setup, including both a digital body and lens. At the time this was written, the Canon Digital Rebel and the Nikon D70 both fit into this category. If $1000 is way out of your ballpark, remember that the price will keep dropping: only a few years ago the equivalent system would have cost you $3000 or $4000.

So if you do purchase a film camera, keep in mind that in just a couple of years the price of a digital body will be well within your reach, so it's crazy to spend a lot of money on an expensive film body. Either get the cheapest film body made by the manufacturer you're interested in and spend your money on lenses that can be used on the digital body you'll get in a couple of years.

Or another option is to purchase a nice used film body. Everybody is unloading them, and there are some incredibly good deals on used equipment.

Finally, you'll probably find it useful to read my page on digital photography before making a decision.

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