Theory behind Tom's Cave Man Diet

Tom Davis

Although it is impossible to match exactly the foods that cavemen ate, that is not particularly important. Once the food has been broken down by your digestive system and passed through the walls of the stomach and intestines, what really matters is the components of foods that make it in.

Thus if you knew what the caveman diet was, not in terms of specific foods, but in terms of components, you could try to match those components with similar components from currently-available foods. Obviously it would easier to get a match with the exact same foods, but we can do quite well even when we can't match them exactly.

It's also likely, of course, that we can do better. The caveman probably often had to eat partly spoiled food, loaded with bacteria, since starving to death was the other option. We can take vitamin supplements, if necessary, or at the very least, eat foods year-around that the caveman could only obtain during certain periods that will insure us a more regular supply of the various vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, et cetera, that we require.

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