Health Benefits of the Caveman Diet

Tom Davis

Get (or stay) thin

If you're overweight and you stick to the diet, you'll probably lose weight. I wasn't even trying to lose weight when I started and have lost 6 or 7 pounds, but my weight is stable now.

The reason it works is probably because you wind up eating less. If you eat a load of french fries, they're easy to digest, so your body digests them, converts any extra to fat, and after the insulin surge and crash, you're hungry again.

If you eat stuff that's harder to digest, the sugar trickles slowy into your bloodstream and it's a long time until you are hungry again. Similarly, fats and proteins in your stomach take longer to digest, so you feel full longer.

Avoid adult-onset diabetes

There's some evidence that this sort of diabetes is caused by repeated surges and crashes in the amount of insulin in your bloodstream. A steady level will be much more healthy. Eating low glycemic index carbohydrates will reduce the insulin required.

Improved cholesterol

For some reason people who stick to diets like the Atkins diet have their cholesterol improve as well as their triglyceride levels. It may not reduce total cholesterol, but it does seem to improve the ratio of HDLs to LDLs (the ratio of the good cholesterol to the bad).

Fewer naps

Maybe this isn't exactly health, but when you eat a high glycemic meal, after it's digested, there's a sugar crash in your bloodstream, and you either eat again or take a nap. I used to take a nap three or four times per week, and now I almost never do. It's a big time-saver.

Acid reflux

I never read about this anywhere else, but before I started on my caveman diet, I had acid reflux two or three times per week, and I was a giant supporter of the antacid companies. I have not had acid reflux since the first day I converted. It was a wonderful, unexpected side effect.
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